Steph Curry’s Workmanlike Bourbon: The Seth Curry of Whiskeys according to Robb Report

Home Court: A New Challenger in the Whiskey World

Las Vegas may be known for many things, but as the setting of a pioneering bourbon journey? Who would have predicted that? This, however, is the very spot where NBA superstar, Steph Curry, led the Robb Report team through an unveiling of his newest venture – ‘Sesión’, a workmanlike blend of bourbon that sets a new precedent for celebrity-backed booze.

Steph Curry: The Real MVP of Celebrity-Backed Spirits?

Before we dive into the tasting notes of this intriguing new bourbon, let’s first acknowledge the intrigue surrounding celebrity-backed spirit ranges. Past few years have seen a surge in celebrity-affiliated alcohol brands, a fad Curry has now followed. In the footsteps of George Clooney’s tequila brand, Casamigos, and Ryan Reynolds’ aviation gin, Sesión Bourbon seeks to assert itself in an already crowded market. But, unlike his NBA career, here, Curry is not the first to make a splash.

Yet, the novelty of this launch is not simply Curry’s gravitas from the hardwood, but the carefully thought-out, workmanlike ethos that seem to shape the bourbon. Known for his precision, creativity, and diligence in the court, Curry seems to have inherited some of his paternal marks into Sesión.

Tasting Sesión: A Workmanlike Performance

First Impressions and Color

The bottle of Sesión comes with expectation, wrapped in a white box baring the minimalist brand name and silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge, invoking the spirit of Curry’s home court, the Golden State. The bourbon within holds a deep chestnut color, anticipatory of the richness in flavors that are soon to follow.

Nose (Aroma)

The initial scent is subtle – a casual, soft hint of caramel and dried fruit that invites the taster to take the first sip. Neither overpowering nor understated, the aroma carries forth the workmanlike character that Curry intended.

Palate (Taste)

Once sipped, Sesión reveals its true character – smooth, warm, and with a distinct but balanced richness. It holds a fusion of flavors with hints of caramel, vanilla, and a bit of toasted oak, alongside a whisper of dried fruit that we sniffed initially. The complexity of flavors underpinning the gentle warmth of the bourbon surprises and delights with every sip.


The aftertaste is neither too strong nor too brief – another display of what you might call “workmanlike finesse”. The bourbon rounds off with a smooth, long finish, the warmth gradually fading in a rhythmic echo.

Sesión: The Seth Curry of Whiskeys?

Just as Seth Curry may not capture the spotlight as much as his elder brother, but still holds his own as a reliable and focused player, Sesión Bourbon does the same. It’s not kicking down doors and declaring itself the king of bourbons. But it stands tall and confident, making its presence felt. It holds its articulate complexities close, revealing them to those who choose to witness.

While Steph Curry may dominate the court with his extraordinary prowess, Sesión is his suave, subtle,and yet sturdy counterpart in the world of spirits. A workmanlike Bourbon, that – just like Seth Curry – may not always command the spotlight, but impresses those who take the time to appreciate its game.

Final Thoughts

Sesión Bourbon showcases that age-old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover” or a bourbon by its backing figure in this case. Stripped off the NBA glitz, Seth Curry’s new bourbon stands on its own merit. It’s a bold yet humble blend that combines the mastery of conventional bourbon-making with a touch of Curry’s workmanlike spirit.

It’s not about being the best, or the strongest, or the richest. It’s about showing up, doing the work, and creating something solid, excellent, and reliable. That’s Steph Curry’s Bourbon. That’s Sesión. It may not be ‘MVP’, but it sure is whatever the basketball equivalent of ‘damn good bourbon’ is.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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