Tasting the Mastery: Booker’s Bourbon 2023-02 ‘Apprentice Batch’ Review by Whiskey Raiders

A Taste of the Future: Savoring Booker’s Bourbon 2023-02 ‘Apprentice Batch’

Introducing a bourbon not just for the whiskey connoisseur but also the casual drinker, Booker’s Bourbon 2023-02 ‘Apprentice Batch’ is a taste experience you’ll want to explore. This bourbon marvel is a new recipe in the annals of whiskey tasting, a beverage as complex yet delightfully drinkable as its intriguing name suggests.

The History of Booker’s Bourbon

The brand Booker’s Bourbon walks the footsteps of whiskey history. The eponymous Booker Noe was the grandson of Jim Beam, one of the most renowned figures in whiskey history. In the late ’80s, he began bottling “Booker’s,” which quickly became known for its unfiltered, straight-from-the-barrel character. This unique approach in bourbon crafting gave birth to a line of bourbons celebrated worldwide, with the Apprentice Batch being one of the most anticipated releases.

Unboxing the ‘Apprentice Batch’

Opening a bottle of the Apprentice Batch is a ceremony in itself, housing a story of growth and maturation penned by Booker Noe’s grandson, Fred Noe. The bottle is elegantly packaged, emanating a sense of class. As you uncork it, the rich aroma whets your palate, creating anticipation for the distinctive flavor sensory journey.


On the nose, Booker’s Bourbon ‘Apprentice Batch’ greets you with an inviting blend of spices and sweetness. The aroma is bold with strong hints of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak. There is also a subtle presence of dried fruits that adds complexity to the aromatic spectrum of this bourbon.

Flavor Profile

Booker’s Bourbon always impresses the taste buds with its staggering diversity of flavors and the Apprentice Batch is no different. On the first sip, it offers an edgy fusion of vanilla sweetness, spicy kick and rounded off with a slight tanginess. It’s complex yet beautifully balanced, making it an excellent bourbon for both sipping and pairing with food.


The finishing touch of this bourbon encompasses a warm, long lingering palette. It leaves behind a trail of spices with a hint of smoky oak that provides a fitting closure to the flavour rollercoaster.

The Verdict

Booker’s Bourbon 2023-02 ‘Apprentice Batch’ transpires as a triumph in the Booker’s line of bourbons. It’s bold in both flavor and character, yet splendidly balanced and approachable. The unique aromatic mix, robust flavor journey and enveloping finish are sure to please any type of whiskey drinker.

In conclusion, the Apprentice Batch embodies a bourbon that every whiskey lover needs to experience. So whether you’ve already cleared a spot on your top shelf, or you’re just looking for your next favorite drink, the Apprentice Batch guarantees a joyous ride. Pour yourself a dram, sit back, and savor every drop of this divine whiskey.

Booker’s Bourbon 2023-02 ‘Apprentice Batch’ is not just a drink, it’s a narrative in a bottle. It’s an experience that eulogizes the intimate bond between the brewer and the apprentice, drawing us into its intoxicating narrative one sip at a time.

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Written by Emma Jones

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