Texas State Fair showcases 10 culinary winners of 2023: A feast for food lovers!

Texas State Fair showcases 10 culinary winners of 2023: A feast for food lovers!

It’s State Fair Season – Time to Feast!

The Texas State Fair, a Tradition Deep in Flavor

If you’re anything like me, there’s one event you look forward to every year without fail – The Texas State Fair! This annual celebration of the finest, funkiest fusions in cuisine has our mouths watering in anticipation each time it rolls around, and 2023’s edition is definitely not disappointing. The Dallas Morning News has announced the top 10 award-winning foods this year, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Your Foodie Guide to the 2023 Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair is well-known for taking comfort food to a new level, fusing flavors you never would’ve thought about (but now can’t live without), and, of course, presenting them all in larger-than-life portions, truly embodying Texas spirit. Get ready, because we’re about to embark on a culinary journey across the fair.

1. Texas-Sized Chicken Fried Lobster

Topping the list is none other but a big-hearted classic with a unique sea-twist. It’s the Texas-Sized Chicken Fried Lobster, an outstanding combo that has foodies and Instagrammers lining up for a taste and a snap. The succulent lobster tail wrapped in a traditional buttermilk batter and fried to golden perfection is a piece of art, and the garnish of Texas cream gravy on top just adds another dimension to the masterpiece.

2. Sriracha Tiger Prawn Pizza

Second on the list is the Sriracha Tiger Prawn Pizza, an explosion of flavors that combines the heat of Sriracha, plump tiger prawns and the crispy, cheesy goodness of classic pizza. This unusual pizza is not for the faint-hearted but certainly worth trying for adventurist palates.

3. Texas Tornado Sundae

On a sweeter note, the Texas Tornado Sundae is taking the dessert world by storm. This concoction swirls together homemade vanilla ice cream, candied Texas pecans, salted caramel sauce, and a touch of Texas whiskey to bring forth the perfect sundae experience. It’s as intoxicatingly good as it sounds.

4. Beef Brisket Ramen Cone

Brace yourselves, fusion food lovers, for the Beef Brisket Ramen Cone. This handheld marvel is filled with savory beef brisket, delectable ramen, and topped off with classic BBQ sauce. It’s odd, it’s indulgent, it’s the talk of the 2023 State Fair.

5. Stacked Donut Chicken Sandwich

The Stacked Donut Chicken Sandwich is the apex of sweet-salty heaven. Sink your teeth into succulent grilled chicken sandwiched between doughnut layers slathered with a zingy orange glaze. Unusual? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely.

6. Habanero Octopus Empanada

The Habanero Octopus Empanada holds the place for the most exotic food in the Fair. The tender octopus chunks layered with molten cheese, topped with habanero sauce encased in a crispy empanada crust, create an addictive whirlwind of flavours.

7. Cheesy Bacon Waffle on a Stick

From the halls of tempting “Stick Food” comes the Cheesy Bacon Waffle on a Stick. Impaled candy isn’t the only thing you’ll find on a skewer. This unimaginable combo of savory bacon bits baked into the waffle, with molten cheese oozing from within, is hands-on and hands-down delish!

8. Bourbon Bread Pudding

A traditional dessert with an adult twist, the Bourbon Bread Pudding is a beautiful blend of flavors. The soft yet dense texture of the bread pudding, laced with smooth bourbon, topped with a cool dollop of ice cream, makes each bite more irresistible than the last.

9. Deep Fried Texas Sushi Roll

The Texas Sushi Roll, baptized in a pool of hot oil, is next on the list. It’s an exciting East-West fusion that has sushi lovers and fried food aficionados equally enthralled.

10. Oven Roasted Rattlesnake Chili Pie

Rounding out the list is the risque Oven Roasted Rattlesnake Chili Pie. It’s a daring twist on the classic chili pie, with rattlesnake bits that are oven roasted and tossed into the mix. This unlikely crowd-pleaser is a spicy assurance that everything IS bigger in Texas, including our bravery in experiencing new foods.

Feast Your Eyes and Your Taste Buds at the Fair

So, ladies and gentlemen, that was your insider guide to the State Fair Texas 2023. One thing is for certain – there’s no shortage of innovative, daring flavors and fun to be had. Prepare to treat your taste buds like they’ve never been treated before. Get ready to wonder how you’ve lived your whole life without trying these blissful culinary creations, and savor each moment at this cherished gastronomic gathering. Welcome to Texas, y’all!

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