Innovative Whiskeys 2023: Daring Drams & Bold Bourbons

Oh boy, are you ready to dive into a world boozy enough to make a prohibitionist weep? Well, hold on to your highball glasses, because today we’re taking a rollicking romp through the dreamy dramscapes of the most innovative whiskeys of 2023!

The Most Innovative Whiskeys of 2023

Imagine a magical realm where whiskey barrels pirouette in warehouses and master distillers conjure up liquid gold with just a swish and a click of their fingers. That’s the dazzling world of innovative whiskey production! This year has seen some serious alchemy, with distilleries pushing the boundaries of tradition to bring us expressions that have our taste buds doing the Charleston.

Jefferson’s ‘Tropics Aged in Humidity’ Straight Bourbon – A Tropical Twist!

Picture this: Barrels aboard ships, bobbing over oceans and through stormy weather, with the essence of the seas infusing every sip. Jefferson’s distillery, not content with just sailing the seven seas, decided to pull a steamy trick out of their bourbon-soaked top hats. They sent barrels to Singapore, where the sweltering climate turned their whiskey into something not just bulletproof but bombproof!

The meticulous aging process in the relentless heat and humidity transformed the bourbon into a symphony of molasses, toffee, and sea-salt serenades, bottled at a robust 52% ABV. If you snag a bottle for $99, consider yourself lucky enough to buy a lottery ticket!

Westward x Ken’s Artisan Sourdough Whiskey – Yeast of the Feast

Westward whiskey, with their mad scientist cap firmly on, decided to collab with wizard baker Ken Forkish. They took his levain yeast—better known for crafting mouthwatering sourdough bread—and used it to ferment their American Single Malt. The result? A concoction overflowing with ripe fruit, zesty spice, and an encore of toffee and chocolate, leaving whiskey lovers wondering if this is a drink or a culinary masterpiece!

WhistlePig ‘Boss Hog X: The Commandments’ Rye Whiskey – Biblical Boozing

Gather ’round, folks, for a tale of holiday cheer and rye whiskey! WhistlePig’s Boss Hog X is like Christmas in a glass, inspired by the gift-bearing journey of the Three Wise Men. It’s a rye aged in new oak, then twirled around in barrels infused with frankincense, myrrh, and a touch of mead cask magic. This liquid wisdom pours forth crème brûlée, red berries, and black pepper notes at a proof that would have even the stoutest shepherd hollering, “Holy Moly!”

Maker’s Mark ‘Cellar Aged’ Bourbon – Cool and Composed

Let’s waltz over to Maker’s Mark, where they’ve been playing musical barrels with their bourbon like a well-conducted symphony. After six years of dancing around their rickhouse, the whiskey took a Siesta in cool cellars for another five or six. The slower aging and reduced tannins let complex flavors waltz right up, creating a highbrow hooch that’s more exclusive than an invite to Gatsby’s shindigs. Bottled at a dapper 57.85% ABV and priced at $150, it’s as splurge-worthy as a diamond-studded flask!

Lost Lantern Single Cask #6: McCarthy’s 6 Year Old Oregon Peated ASM – The Pacific Puffer

Now, let’s light up with Lost Lantern and McCarthy’s peaty potion! Imagine Oregon’s verdant valleys, now picture them sprouting a whiskey that has notes of tobacco, bright pear, and campfire memories. This six-year-old dram is the product of careful curation and an expression of pure Pacific pride, coming in hot at $140 a bottle. It’s the kind of whiskey that puts the “wild” in the Wild West.

Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finish Rye – A Toast to Toastiness!

Michter’s toasted, but nary a char in sight. This rye sauntered into specially seasoned barrels and emerged chock full of sweet, toasty charm. This is the sort of tipple that whispers sweet nothings of maple syrup and toasted walnuts, then salsas away at 54.45% ABV. Aged elegance for $120? Yes, please!

Suntory ‘Ao’ World Whisky – A Global Galivant

Get your passport ready, whisky wanderers, because Suntory’s ‘Ao’ is taking us on a world tour in every sip! This international dram mingles spirits from the world’s whisky titans: Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Japan, and America. Each sip is a cosmopolitan caress, an embrace of the quintessential from each revered region. For just $55, it’s the cheapest round-the-world ticket you’ll ever buy.

Hardin’s Creek The Kentucky Series: Boston – Location, Location, Libation!

Let’s take a trip without leaving the comfort of your barstool! Hardin’s Creek’s Kentucky Series is a cartographer’s dream, plotting the flavor map of bourbon aged in different rickhouses. The Boston edition has hazelnut highlights that could make a squirrel swoon. At $150, it’s real estate investment worth toasting to.

In a table, eh? Let’s roll out the red tablecloth for a look at some serious contenders!

Whiskey Idea-Catcher Price Point
Jefferson’s ‘Tropics Aged in Humidity’ A tropical storm in a barrel $99
Westward x Ken’s Artisan Sourdough A bake-off, but make it boozy High-end
Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finish Rye Marshmallows by the fire, but with a kick $120
Suntory ‘Ao’ World Whisky A jetsetter’s dream, no luggage needed $55

Whew, isn’t this whiskey wonderland something? From the swashbuckling adventures of Jefferson’s to the hearth-warming toastiness of Michter’s, the Innovative Whiskey class of 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular, showcasing Bourbon Aging Techniques, American Single Malt prowess, Distillery Collaborations that challenge the status quo, and Limited Edition Releases that make every sip a special occasion.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious cat with a penchant for fine spirits, this year’s innovative whiskeys are here to whisk you away to boozy bliss. So, pour yourself a dram, sit back, and revel in the marvels of modern distillery magic! Cheers to that, my fine whiskey-loving friends!

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about the Innovative Whiskeys for 2023, especially the daring drams and bold bourbons. This article really highlighted the exciting innovations happening in the world of whiskey right now.

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