The Top 12 New Spirits of 2021: A Captivating Collection of Tequila, Bourbon, and Rum – Robb Report

The Top 12 New Spirits of 2021: A Captivating Collection of Tequila, Bourbon, and Rum – Robb Report

Introduction to the Spirited Scene of 2021

Well, fellow spirit enthusiasts, 2021 has thrown the cocktail world some spectacular libations ranging from bourbon to tequila to rum. Whether you’ve been a lifelong whiskey drinker or just starting to dip your toes into the vast sea of agave spirits, there’s something out there for you this year. So buckle up and brace yourselves as we delve into the exciting world of the 12 best new spirits of the year.

Embark on the Bourbon Trail

1. Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Release: FAE-01

Maker’s Mark shines this year with their 2021 Wood Finishing Series release, FAE-01. This exciting release expands upon the brand’s iconic wheated bourbon with a unique wood finishing process that emphasizes dried fruit and oak. A sip of this beauty takes you on a delightful journey of taste with a finish as smooth as silk.

2. Four Roses Small Batch Select

The Four Roses Small Batch Select adds an extra twist to the classic bourbon experience. With its rich, nuanced complexity marked by robust spices, refreshing fruits, and a hint of sweet oak, it sure stands as an embodiment of bourbon craftsmanship. A must-try for all bourbon lovers.

Toast to Tequila Triumphs

3. Clase Azul Gold

This limited-edition release, the product of blending Clase Azul Plata and a hint of its eight-year-old Extra Añejo, blesses us with an extraordinarily smooth tequila. Bask in its beautifully complex notes of ripe agave, vanilla, and caramel with an applaud-worthy balance.

4. Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino

If you’re a fan of harmony in a bottle, look no further than Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino. A delightfully smooth tequila with a pleasing balance of sweet and spicy, the distinct notes of almond, crisp green apple, and vanilla make this bottle a party favorite.

Rendezvous with Radiant Rum

5. The Real McCoy Limited Edition 14 Year

Taking a detour towards the realm of rum, we find The Real McCoy 14 Year Limited Edition with its vintage charm. The bold flavors of toasted pecan, dark chocolate, and ripe banana enveloped in oaky tannins make this rum a conversation starter.

6. Equiano Afro-Caribbean Rum

Equiano’s Afro-Caribbean Rum holds the distinction of being the world’s first African and Caribbean rum. This amalgamation exhibits exquisite flavors of tropical fruits, spices, and dried fruits with a hint of oak and caramel. The unique confluence of two distinct rum-producing regions creates an extravagant tasting experience worth savoring.

Awe at Amazing Agave Spirits

7. Casamigos Mezcal Joven

Casamigos Mezcal Joven breaks the monotony with a spirit that brilliantly combines woody flavors with subtle hints of fruit, which rounds up to a smoky finish. If you’re looking to venture beyond tequila in the realm of agave spirits, this one invites you with open arms.

8. Gracias a Dios Tobala Joven Mezcal

Endowed with an earthy aroma complemented by notes of figs, bananas, and a dash of citrus, Gracias a Dios Tobala Joven Mezcal makes a perfect sipping spirit. The captivating complexity this bottle packs is proof that agave spirits are not just tequila’s feisty siblings but a force of their own.

Gleeful Sips of Gin

9. Cincoro Reposado Tequila-Barrel Finished Gin

This game-changing fusion of tequila and gin from Cincoro grants a wonderfully unique tasting experience. Soaked in Reposado Tequila barrels, the gin takes on a silken texture paired with an enchanting array of flavors, including vibrant juniper, bright citrus, and a tequila finish, undoubtedly intriguing for adventurous spirit enthusiasts.

10. Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin

Not exactly your typical gin, the Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin introduces us to a world beyond juniper berries with a savory, Mediterranean twist. The vibrant botanicals coupled with a rich olive undertone makes it perfect for enriching that classic Gin & Tonic or a Martini.

Graceful Grains of Whiskey

11. Blue Run 14-Year-Old Bourbon

The Blue Run 14-Year-Old Bourbon reinstates the deep-rooted love for bourbon with its confluence of candied fruit, baking spice, and refreshing mint flavors. Its flavorful journey, adorned by an ever-so-long finish, makes it the perfect companion for those long, contemplative moments.

12. Yamazaki 18 Mizunara 2020 Edition

A luxurious addition to your home bar, Yamazaki’s 18-year Mizunara 2020 Edition is a whiskey lover’s dream come true. The superbly balanced profile boasting incense-like fragrances, a deep coconut note enveloped in cacao and cinnamon, leaves an impression that lingers.

Time to Raise your Glasses

So there you have it, the 12 best spirits of 2021 that cover a broad spectrum of flavors and styles. Each of them offering unique delicacies and experiences to remember. Whether you’re sipping them neat, on the rocks, or putting them into a cocktail, they’re sure to impress. Remember, it’s not just about the spirit in your glass, but the spirit with which you drink it. Cheers to a flavorful 2021!

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  1. I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon this collection of the newest and most captivating spirits of 2021! As someone who appreciates unique tasting experiences, I can’t wait to explore the world of Tequila, Bourbon, and Rum. With Robb Report’s guide, I trust that I’ll be introduced to the best spirits of the year. Here’s to discovering the Top 12 New Spirits of 2021 and indulging in a truly memorable tasting journey!

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