WhistlePig Introduces Inaugural Straight Wheat Whiskey, Expanding Beyond Rye – Robb Report

WhistlePig Introduces Inaugural Straight Wheat Whiskey, Expanding Beyond Rye – Robb Report

A Fresh Arrival from WhistlePig

Stepping into the Wheat Whiskey Market

A seasoned proponent of rye, WhistlePig changed course recently and made its first foray into the vast world of wheat whiskey. For years, the brand has held a stronghold in the rye market with stellar expressions such as ‘The Boss Hog,’ ‘Rittenhouse,’ and ‘Farmstock Rye.’ These whiskies, in all their grainy glory, have truly allowed WhistlePig to create its own niche in the sector.

Now, challenging all expectations, the Vermont-based whiskey brand has made quite the surprise move. They have just introduced their first-ever straight wheat whiskey. While this might initially sound like a risky venture, it’s a promising and exciting development for every whiskey aficionado out there.

Understanding Wheat Whiskey

For the uninitiated, wheat whiskey under American law is defined as: “A kind of whiskey that is distilled from a grain mixture that is at least 51% wheat.”. Wheat whiskey, in comparison to corn, rye, and malt whiskies, is relatively milder and smoother. The wheat adds a distinct sweetness to the whiskey, which makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a less spicy drink.

The Endless Pursuit of Exclusiveness

What sets WhistlePig’s wheat whiskey apart from the others is the fine attention to detail in its creation process. Everything, from the distillation to the maturing process, is done with an exceptional care and precision. The grain is sourced from both Vermont and Indiana and the mixture is made up of 52% of wheat along with the rest being malted barley and rye. The whiskey is then aged for approximately 6 years, in oak barrels, to reach its optimal flavor profile.

An Experience Worth Savoring

Bearing the signature WhistlePig’s quality, the first straight wheat whiskey offers an array of rich flavors to tantalize your taste buds. The nosing hints at deep caramel and vanilla impressions, under-lined with slight notes of dried fruit. The first sip delivers a cascade of gentle sweetness enveloped in warming spices with a notably fruity finish – a true dram to savor.

Match this with WhistlePig’s harmonious blend of aging techniques and distillation methods, and you have a whiskey that is not just smooth and sweet, but layered with complexity and depth.

Looking to the Future

With the release of its first straight wheat whiskey, WhistlePig continues to push boundaries, further establishing its name in the industry. The move signifies the brand’s versatility and shows its willingness to adapt and grow. It also opens an exciting avenue for the whiskey market – a more expansive platform with richer choices for the consumers.

The introduction of this novel creation has generated waves of excitement among whiskey lovers worldwide. It appears WhistlePig’s gambit into wheat whiskey has indeed paid off, and they continue to hold their place firmly in the heart of whiskey connoisseurs everywhere.

So, here’s to WhistlePig and their bold foray into wheat whiskey – we toast to their future endeavors and anticipate nothing less than another round of exceptional spirits.

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  1. WhistlePig’s Inaugural Straight Wheat Whiskey is a must-try for whiskey enthusiasts looking for a bold and unique flavor. As a fan of their previous releases, I have no doubt that this latest addition will live up to the brand’s reputation for excellence. Whether sipping it neat or incorporating it into my favorite recipes, this whiskey is sure to elevate any drinking experience. I can’t wait to order my bottle from Robb Report and add it to my home bar collection.

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