Wyoming Whiskey Honors Sen. Al Simpson with ‘Integrity’ Bourbon

Wyoming Whiskey Honors Sen. Al Simpson with ‘Integrity’ Bourbon

Integrity Bourbon: A Whiskey That Embodies Wyoming’s Spirit

In the world of whiskey, it’s not unusual to find varieties named after iconic figures or inspired by legendary figures. However, it’s not every day that one of these figures is a U.S Senator. The state of Wyoming recently got a surprise in the form of a bourbon whiskey named after its famed Senator Al Simpson, affectionately known as “Alf.” This special drink, launched by Wyoming Whiskey, is known as Integrity Bourbon.

Wyoming Whiskey, Uncompromising Taste

Before we dive into the unique aspect of Integrity Bourbon, let’s take a moment to appreciate the distiller behind this creation – Wyoming Whiskey. Established in 2006 by fourth-generation cattle ranchers, Wyoming Whiskey is a staple brand in the Cowboy State. The distillery is known for its homegrown, authentic, and high-quality spirits that captivate the palate and the people’s hearts. So, it is no surprise that they are the ones behind this unique bourbon release.

Integrity- Not Just a Bourbon, a Tribute

Integrity Bourbon is not just another whiskey release; it’s a tribute. Inspired by Senator Al Simpson, the distillers wanted to create something that epitomized the same values and principles that the esteemed Senator carried throughout his career. He is revered for his perfect blend of wit, wisdom, humor, and humility, which resonate with the quality and taste of the bourbon.

The Integrity of Senator Al ‘Alf’ Simpson

Senator Al Simpson is a revered figure in Wyoming. Known for his uncompromising principles and candid nature, Alf earned a reputation for his dedication towards the welfare of the people. He is known for his unrivaled veracity, embodying the spirit of truth, honesty, and, most importantly, integrity – making him the perfect inspiration for a special edition bourbon whiskey that aims to encapsulate these qualities.

Making of the Integrity Bourbon

Wyoming Whiskey is always particular about its whiskey’s quality and taste, and their craftsmanship is seen in this special concoction as well. The Integrity Bourbon, aged for six years, is a straight bourbon whiskey. Its taste possesses a perfect blend of flavors and strength, with a little hint of Wyoming’s wild air captured in every sip.

What Does It Taste Like?

Integrity Bourbon whiskey comes with an array of notes that excite the palate. On opening the bottle, a pleasant aroma of honey, vanilla, and slightly spicy wood fills your nostrils. As you take a sip, you will appreciate the strong notes of dill, honey, and vanillin. The wood notes come out towards the end, giving it a mildly smoky and caramel finish. The bourbon reflects the landscapes of Wyoming impeccably, tangling the sweetness of corn and malted barley with the spicy notes of rye and the robust wood essence.

A Bottle of ‘Integrity’ for a Cause

The integrity bourbon does not just captivate by its taste alone, but it also serves a noble cause. Proceeds from the sales of the first 100 bottles of this whiskey will be donated to the Simpson family’s charity of choice. By buying a bottle of Integrity Bourbon, you don’t just become a part of a memorable tasting experience, but you also contribute to a worthy cause.


In the Integrity Bourbon, Wyoming Whiskey has accomplished a masterpiece that transcends the realms of a typical bourbon. It’s more than just a drink; it’s an embodiment of a legacy, a tribute to an esteemed figure, and a perfect companion to the one who appreciates quality and integrity. Clearly, this bottle of bourbon promises an experience you would not want to miss.

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