Woodford Reserve Unveils Exclusive 2019 Kentucky Derby Edition Bottle

Woodford Reserve Unveils Exclusive 2019 Kentucky Derby Edition Bottle

A Toast to Equestrian Tradition: Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby Bottle

Woodford Reserve distillery has a longstanding tradition of releasing bottles designed to celebrate the sport of kings, all in time for the annual Kentucky Derby. As the anticipation builds for the world’s most prestigious horse race, the distinguished whiskey distillery has shared a sneak peek at their highly anticipated 2019 Kentucky Derby bottle.

Equine Elegance and Bourbon: A Winning Duo

In a nod to the grandeur, elegance, and pure heart-pumping excitement that is the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve has once again hit the mark. The 2019 edition is a collectible in its own right, marrying the exciting world of horse racing with the rich, mellowness of fine bourbon whiskey.

The 2019 Kentucky Derby is set to be another epic showdown of the world’s best Thoroughbreds, and a Woodford Reserve bottle echoing that prestige and intensity is a must-have for any racing aficionado and bourbon lover alike.

A Snapshot of the 2019 Design

This year, the limited-edition bottle showcases the captivating work of Keith Anderson, a self-taught artist who has designed the Derby bottle for Woodford Reserve since 2003. Each year, Anderson, a Louisville native, brings a new perspective and a fresh take on the iconic horse race.

The 2019 Derby bottle depicts an on-track scene where jockeys thunder down the home stretch, their horses’ muscles straining and nostrils flaring. Each rider reaches for their advantage, while their brightly colored silks ripple in the breeze, mirroring the unbridled enthusiasm of the crowd.

The Bourbon Inside the Bottle

While the exterior of the bottle pays homage to the illustrious Kentucky Derby, it’s the quality of what’s inside that makes the Woodford Reserve bottle truly special. This isn’t just a great looking collectible piece – it’s also packed with premium bourbon, marked by its rich, full-bodied flavors with notes of dried fruit, vanilla, and toasted oak.

Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby bourbon is crafted using a grain recipe of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley. The result is a nuanced whiskey, full of depth and complexity – much like the iconic race it celebrates.

Where to Get the 2019 Derby Bottle

The Woodford Reserve 2019 Kentucky Derby bottle is now available in select locations across the United States. It’s also stocked at the Woodford Reserve Distillery’s gift shop if you get the chance to visit. Not only does it make for a fantastic collector’s item, but it also fittingly marks another year of the thrilling sport of horse racing, all while offering an exceptional bourbon experience.

Cheers to Tradition

Whether you’re toasting to the action unfolding at Churchill Downs or simply savoring the fine bourbon at a leisurely pace, Woodford Reserve’s commitment to celebrating the tradition of the Kentucky Derby is commendable. With an unwavering dedication to quality, the distillery consistently delivers on the anticipation of a uniquely designed Derby bottle every year.

In doing so, Woodford Reserve has created a tradition within a tradition. They’ve not only made a name for themselves in the bourbon industry but also captured the beauty and excitement of the Kentucky Derby within the confines of a bottle – a fitting celebration of two of Kentucky’s greatest traditions.

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