Steph Curry’s Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon Now Available at iHeart Stores

Steph Curry Branches into the Bourbon Industry

Everybody is acquainted with Steph Curry as the Golden State Warrior who needs no introduction. His accomplishments on the basketball court are unquestionable, and the skill and precision he brings to each game are unparalleled. However, the two-time Most Valuable Player and three-time NBA Champion is now branching out into a different industry — the alcohol business.

Curry has already wowed Warriors fans and basketball aficionados, but now, he has the opportunity to wow bourbon connoisseurs with the introduction of his own brand— Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon. This new venture is all set to light up liquor stores and possibly earn Curry another loyal legion of fans.

The Birth of Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon

Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon is the brainchild of Curry and a few of his longtime pals. The creation of this bourbon represents another dimension to Curry’s already diverse portfolio. The team has wrapped their collective passion around each bottle, and now, the exceptional tipple they birthed is all set to grace store shelves.

The group, under the umbrella of Curry’s SC30 Inc. brand, has partnered with a renowned distillery to bring the bourbon to life, ensuring that fans get nothing but the highest quality drink. After all, Curry is all about quality, whether on the court or in a glass.

A Stellar Taste Profile

Just as we’d expect with anything associated with Steph Curry, Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon does not drop the ball. With its intricate, smooth flavor and mellow aftertaste, it draws you in much like watching a Warriors game. Its deep amber hue holds the promise of a drink that is as premium as its makers.

Balance is Key

True to Curry’s famed sense of balance on the court, Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon shows a delicate balance of flavors as well. It’s a symphony of sweet caramel undertone infused with a mild, deeply satisfying spiciness. Across the palate, you can discern hints of cinnamon and autumnal fruit, which gives way to subtle vanilla notes. It’s a harmonious blend of flavors that keeps you coming back for more.

Smooth Finish

While the taste profile is paramount, the finish of a bourbon is just as crucial to connoisseurs. Luckily, this is where Gentlemen’s Cut Bourbon truly shines. It caresses the palate with its silky smooth finish that avoids the coarseness often associated with bourbon whiskies.

Ready to Play in the Bourbon Market

Notably, Curry’s Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon is set to play in a highly competitive arena. The bourbon market is rich with seasoned players, much like the NBA. And just like his performance on the court, Curry’s bourbon is expected to make a significant impact by standing out with its unique, lovingly crafted profile. It will undeniably be fascinating to see how this unique offering is received by the discerning bourbon aficionados.


From the basketball court to the realm of spirits, Steph Curry continues to surpass expectations. The release of his Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon onto store shelves is truly an exciting development in the bourbon industry. For fans of Curry and bourbon alike, this milestone is an opportunity to appreciate the amalgamation of charisma, skill, and passion in every sip. Regardless of the challenging market, there is optimism this bourbon will emerge triumensibly, emulating the same success Curry continues to exhibit on the court.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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