Bob Dylan’s New 10-Year Rye Whiskey: A Spicy and Assertive Flavour Explosion

Bob Dylan’s New 10-Year Rye Whiskey: A Spicy and Assertive Flavour Explosion

Bob Dylan’s Journey Into the Whiskey World

He is one of the world’s most iconic singer-songwriters of the ages, a Nobel laureate in literature, and a whiskey connoisseur. The latter describes the one and only Bob Dylan. After captivating us musically for more than five decades, Dylan has now decided to tantalize our taste buds with his new venture into the world of whiskey.

Yes, you read that right! Bob Dylan’s creativity extends far beyond music, into the realm of finely aged spirits. His latest offering doesn’t come in the form of a vinyl record, but rather, a stylishly bottled 10-year-old Rye Whiskey dubbed “Heaven’s Door.” The name is indeed an obvious nod to one of Dylan’s classic hits, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

An Excursion Into the Flavor and Feel of Heaven’s Door

The new 10-year-old Rye, just like Dylan’s music, is rich in character, deep in complexity, and leaves a lasting impression. This whiskey is not for the faint-hearted, it is assertive, packs a spicy punch and is as distinctively textured as Dylan’s husky voice.

Breaking Down the Profile

On first sniff, this rye whiskey reveals a perfect blend of baking spices, caramel, and a hint of oak. The first taste confirms what the nose promises, leading with a predominant flavor profile of cinnamon and clove, complemented by a hint of tart apple and a touch of anise. As you continue sipping, warm caramel and vanilla undertones make their presence subtly felt, stimulating the senses in every possible manner.

The finish is notably long and assertive, leaving behind a bold spicy impression, with a lingering warmth similar to the feeling of getting lost in Dylan’s music. Like some unforgettable refrain, it lingers on even after the bottle has been corked and stored away. It’s an unapologetic, spicy conclusion to a symphony of various flavors that are as harmoniously layered as the tracks in a Dylan classic.

Matchless in Craftsmanship, Much Like Its Creator

Heaven’s Door is a testament to Dylan’s unwavering commitment not just to his art, but also to his whiskey. The craft of creating this premium Rye is much like crafting a Dylan song – it demands time, patience and precision. Fermented with a carefully chosen yeast strain and distilled in traditional copper pot stills, this Rye whiskey also enjoys a luxurious 10-year rest in charred new American Oak barrels to complete its flavor narrative.

The result is a whiskey as uncompromising, defiant, and layered as the man behind its creation. Just like his songs, Dylan’s 10-year-old Rye whiskey is robust and filled with life.

Tasting Notes


The whiskey has a dark amber tone, similar to a matured oak, a prelude to the flavor adventure that waits within.


A delightful blend of baking spices, caramel, and oak. An aroma that is both inviting and promising.


A fiery yet thrilling concoction of cinnamon and clove with hints of tart apple and anise. The warm undertones of caramel and vanilla make it wholesomely complex.


A bold, assertive finish with a lingering spicy warmth that like Dylan’s music, stays with you long after the last sip has been savored.

Final Thoughts

This 10-year-old Rye Whiskey from Heaven’s Door is premium in its essence and truly embodies the spirit of its creator, Bob Dylan. With its complex flavors, robust character, and bold finish, it’s a beverage that not only whiskey enthusiasts, but also Dylan fans across the globe can appreciate. A bottle of this fine whiskey is akin to holding a piece of Dylan’s distinctive artistry, but this time it’s a symphony composed not of lyrics and music, but of grain, water, wood, and time. Much like Bob Dylan’s soul-stirring music, this Rye Whiskey is destined to touch the chords of your palate in ways you have never experienced before.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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