Milam & Greene Unveils Exclusive Bourbon Collection in Austin Region

Milam & Greene Unveils Exclusive Bourbon Collection in Austin Region

The Rising Popularity of Limited Bourbon Release from Milam & Greene Whiskey Distillery

Austin American-Statesman Reports Limited Bourbon Release

The Milam & Greene Whiskey Distillery in Blanco, Texas has recently released a limited Bourbon whiskey across Texas. The Austin American-Statesman first reported on the announcement, and many whiskey enthusiasts have since scrambled to get their hands on it.

The Appeal of Limited Bourbon Releases

The release of limited edition bourbon has become increasingly popular among whiskey collectors and enthusiasts. The excitement generated by limited edition releases is unparalleled, driven in part by the scarcity of the product. Only a limited number of bottles are produced, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Releases like Milam & Greene’s limited edition bourbon are highly sought after, as they offer a unique opportunity to taste a rare and exclusive product. One can enjoy extra bragging rights for having secured a bottle before they’re sold out. Limited edition Bourbons fetch premium prices and are considered a collector’s item by many.

Milam & Greene’s Limited Bourbon

Milam & Greene’s limited Bourbon release, named “Inheritance,” is a blend of three different bourbons treated with ten finest Oloroso sherry butts to create a distinct flavor. According to the distiller’s notes, the whiskey is characterized by its complex aroma of cinnamon, brown sugar, and oak, ultimately delivering a rich and full-bodied palate of dark fruit, caramel, and toasted nuts.

Milam & Greene Whiskey Distillery uses artisanal methods and high-quality ingredients to achieve the best possible taste. Distillers Heather Greene and Marlene Holmes create spirits reflective of their unique personalities. They started the distillery in 2017, and it has gained considerable attention with its innovative aging techniques and exceptional blend of flavors.

Where to Find Inheritance Limited Bourbon?

Those looking for a bottle of the limited Bourbon can visit Milam & Greene Whiskey’s official website or head to select retailers in Texas. The distillery has also announced plans to release the product in other states soon. The Bourbon retails for $89.99, and while it may seem expensive, it is well worth the price for this exclusive and memorable drinking experience.


Milam & Greene Whiskey’s limited edition bourbon is a unique and enjoyable experience for anyone looking for a taste of the luxurious world of high-end whiskies. The popularity of the limited edition release highlights the growing fascination people have with personalized spirits and artisanal distilling practices.

Inheritance’s excellent taste and the limited number of bottles produced make it the perfect addition to any whiskey lover’s collection. But hurry, because soon enough, this exclusive blend will be sold out, and the chance to indulge in its complexities will be gone forever.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

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