The Unyielding Journey of Michter’s: A Story of Tenacity and Triumph – Chuck Cowdery

The Unyielding Journey of Michter’s: A Story of Tenacity and Triumph – Chuck Cowdery

A Tale of Resilience: The New Michter’s Journey

Resurrecting a Legacy

When Joseph J. Magliocco decided to bring back the Michter’s name after its unfortunate downfall in the 1980s, he had more than a reasonable share of scepticism about him. People weren’t entirely sure on how a bankrupt brand could make a comeback with just its name. This was the challenge that Magliocco and his business partner Richard Newman had decided to take on.

Reincarnation through Expression

A confluence of old and new, the resurrection of Michter’s embodied an approach of unique character expression through whiskey. The new Michter’s came back to life not as a straightforward distiller, but as an artistic vehicle infused with creative expression. At the heart of this direction was their insistence on bringing authenticity and putting the quality of their product above everything else.

Michter’s: A Testament to Persistence

Persistence in Quality

At Michter’s, the promise of quality runs deeper than the surface. The persistence in quality begins from the choice of grain to the process of distillation, down to the maturation and bottling. One of the key elements of this insistence on quality is their low barrel entry proof policy. Despite the extra costs it incurs, the team at Michter’s believe it produces a richer flavour profile which their customers have come to link with Michter’s signature taste.

Dedication to Craft

The crafting process of Michter’s is quite unlike any other distillery. They employ their unique “heat cycling” process where barrels experience a range of temperature changes to extract more flavour from the wood, which results in a fuller, richer tasting whiskey. This commitment to their craft, to the little details, is where Michter’s takes pride.

Michter’s: The New Era

A New Crafting Facility

The new era of Michter’s came with a new home in the Shively section of Louisville, Kentucky. The crafting facility includes a technologically advanced custom column still, a doubler, and a pot still system. This has allowed Michter’s to have full control over its production process while maintaining its commitment to quality in its operations.

Expansion of Product Range

The New Michter’s is more than just a reincarnation of an old brand. It has grown to offer a range of products including limited releases alongside their core range. Each made with the same commitment to quality and unique Michter’s personality.


Michter’s story is one of resilience: a testament to persisting in the face of adversity, staying true to your craft, and never compromising on quality. The New Michter’s isn’t just a brand or a type of whiskey; it’s a continuous journey of persistence, a study of resilience in the face of adversity. As drinkers savour each sip of Michter’s, they’re not just tasting complex flavours and rich notes, they’re partaking in history – one that’s built, bottle by bottle, with persistence. Long live the legacy.

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Written by Daniel Davis

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