Chattermark Distillers: Crafting Spirits that Define Charlestown – WBUR News

Chattermark Distillers: Crafting Spirits that Define Charlestown – WBUR News

An Ode to Charlestown’s Own: Chattermark Distillers

Imagine a place where history fuses with painstaking artistry to create a spirit so unique, it encapsulates the soul of a city. Welcome to Chattermark Distillers – The hidden gem of Charlestown. This charming distillery captures Boston’s unique spirit, quite literally, by fusing tradition and innovation to produce a plethora of enticing spirits.

A Tale of Tradition and Innovation

Located in one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, Chattermark is anything but old-fashioned. As a distillery, they reignite the art of spirit making that once thrived in the city, while concurrently pushing the envelope of what can be achieved in each sip of their creations.

Chattermark, nevertheless, pays tribute to the foundations laid by their distilling ancestors by creating traditional spirits such as rum and whisky. Yet, their true genius lies in the innovation they infuse into these time-honored drinks. Not one to simply reproduce classics, the spirit makers at Chattermark add a modern twist to every barrel, imbuing contemporary taste notes into age-old recipes.

The Spirit Makers at Work

Walk into Chattermark’s rustic distillery, and you’re welcomed by towering copper stills, the heart and soul of spirit making. Here, the finest locally-sourced grains and botanicals are put through time-perfected processes, producing spirits that resonate the vibrancy and diversity of Boston itself.

Experience the Art of Distilling

Right from the milling of grains and fermentation, to the distillation and bottling, visitors at Chattermark Distillers are offered an intimate view of the spirit-making process. Not only does a tour of their establishment provide a peek into the craftsmanship involved in distilling, but it often develops a newfound appreciation for each nuanced flavor profile in their spirits.

Taste the Distinction

When it comes to the taste, Chattermark is unrivaled. Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast or a rum aficionado, the distiller’s promise is a sensorial experience of unforgettable notes and undertones. By using only the highest quality local ingredients, each selection on the menu is a testament to Chattermark’s commitment to excellence.

Discover a New Favorite

Whether it’s their signature rye whiskey with its spicy notes and warm, oaky finish, or their elegant dry gin resonating with sharp juniper and citrusy charm, Chattermark Distillers’ menu is bursting with flavors just waiting to be discovered.

Sip, Savor and Celebrate

Chattermark isn’t just about creating fine spirits; it’s about the joy of sharing them. Within the walls of the distillery, you can taste, learn, laugh, and engage in the social ritual of enjoying a good drink. From whiskey tastings to gin-themed soirées, there’s always something to enjoy and celebrate at Chattermark.

The Spirit of Charlestown

Chattermark doesn’t just distill alcohol, they distill the spirit of Charlestown — its rich history, its diverse community, and its forward-thinking mindset. They weave a story into each bottle, paying homage to the past while defying convention, making them not only a producer of fine spirits, but a proud symbol of Charlestown’s enduring spirit.

Final Remarks

Chattermark Distillers is more than an ordinary distillery. It’s a testament to both Charlestown’s rich history and its innovative future. It crafts spirits that not only deliver a delectable taste experience, but also engage the senses and the spirit of anyone lucky enough to get a sip. If you’re ever in Charlestown, do yourself a favor and experience Chattermark. You’ll taste the difference that a love for tradition, innovation, and, of course, exceptional spirits can make.

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