Introducing George Dickel’s Canned Bourbon Cocktail: Perfect for Summer Sipping!

Introducing George Dickel’s Canned Bourbon Cocktail: Perfect for Summer Sipping!

An Exciting Collaboration: George Dickel and Social Hour

Summer is particularly great for cookouts, beach outings, and scenic sunset vistas, and what better to pair these spectacular moments with than a unique, refreshing, and tasty cocktail. Recently, a remarkable collaboration has set the beverage world buzzing. George Dickel, the esteemed Tennessee whiskey brand, has teamed up with Social Hour, the spirited team of award-winning bartenders, to launch a pre-bottled bourbon cocktail, all set to be summer’s hottest serve.

Considered as part of the canned cocktail movement sweeping the gourmet alcohol circle, it’s fantastic how George Dickel and Social Hour are delivering this bar-quality cheer in a can. It’s not only practical, but also a delightful experience for fans of this rich, traditional spirit.

About The George Dickel Brand

George Dickel is a name that needs no introduction for avid whisky connoisseurs. Originating from Cascade Hollow, Tennessee, the brand is famed for their high-quality ‘Tennessee Whisky’ – a style of whisky that is filtered through maple charcoal before ageing. This method, termed the ‘Lincoln County Process,’ imparts a distinctive smoothness and rich taste to their whisky, setting it apart from its contemporaries.

Introducing The Canned Bourbon Cocktail

This joint venture by George Dickel and Social Hour debuts a ready-to-drink whisky cocktail in a can. At its core, the drink comprises George Dickel No. 12, which is a super-smooth, award-winning Tennessee whisky. It boasts a depth and complexity praised by whisky experts. This flavorful base is harmoniously combined with real lemon and mint botanicals, producing an invigorating, delightful cocktail meant for those enjoyable summer sips. All this delightful goodness is packed in a 355ml can containing 7% ABV.

Why This Summer Sipper Stands Out

Ready-to-drink cocktails have been all the rage given their convenience, portability, and quality, particularly over the last year. This George Dickel and Social Hour collaboration stands high among them. The perfect harmony of bourbon whiskey, lemon, and mint imparts an alluring refreshing element to the cocktail, thus making it a fantastic option for a hot summer day. Tasting of warm spice, with an undercurrent of citrusy freshness and a minty finish, it offers a cocktail experience that is transportative – a virtual trip to Tennessee, if you will, from your favourite summer location.

Perfect For Any Summer Occasion

Is it a beach day with your friends or a sun-drenched afternoon by the pool? Maybe just lazing around the garden, basking in the summer sun? This canned bourbon cocktail is an excellent partner to any summer occasion. Being travel-friendly and without the need for mixers or shakers, this canned serve is a no-fuss solution for those impromptu parties or relaxed moments, too. Simply put, it’s a portable bar in your pocket.

How To Get It

This delightful tipple, the result of a noteworthy collaboration between George Dickel and Social Hour, is now available at select locations nationwide. Prices may vary depending on the location, so check your local listings for availability.

So, here’s to the “summer of the can.” This special canned bourbon cocktail from George Dickel and Social Hour promises to make your summer relaxation time more enjoyable and tasteful. Here’s hoping you have many memorable summer moments with this tantalising Tennessee tipple in your hand.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

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