Old Forester’s New Bottled In Bond Bourbon: 117 Series Continues

Old Forester’s New Bottled In Bond Bourbon: 117 Series Continues

A Deep Dive into Old Forester’s Latest Offering – Bottled In Bond Bourbon

Are you a whiskey enthusiast who appreciates a good bourbon on the rocks or neat? If so, there’s a new bottle in town you might want to have a shot or two of – the Old Forester’s Bottled In Bond Bourbon as part of their prestigious 117 Series. Now, let’s get to know this spirit better, shall we?

About the Old Forester Brand

Old Forester is one of America’s oldest and most celebrated bourbon brands. Established in 1870 by George Garvin Brown, it has over a century’s legacy in making distinguished bourbon whiskey. Over the years, the brand has kept up with the trend, releasing innovative bourbon series that have appealed to whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

The 117 Series

The 117 Series was initiated by Old Forester’s master taster, Jackie Zykan. The series holds historical significance, as it’s named after Old Forester’s original Whiskey Row location address. The series been lauded for its innovation, as every release is a deviation from Old Forester’s typical flavor profile.

Getting to Know the Bottled In Bond Bourbon

Continuing their journey of bourbon innovation, Old Forester has introduced Bottled in Bond Bourbon as the latest addition in the 117 Series. This high-proof whiskey on offer is made following the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 rules, which means it is at least four years old and has been produced by a single distillery in a single distilling season. And it is, of course, bottled at 100 proof.

What Makes The New Release Stand Out?

Old Forester’s Bottled In Bond Bourbon stands out from the market’s overflowing bourbon selection in several ways. Produced through a heat cycled maturation process in Old Forester’s rickhouses, this bourbon carries the unique signature of its brand.

Taste Experience

One sip is all you need to understand what makes this bourbon so unique. The Bottled In Bond bourbon is noted for its smoothness. It starts with warm dessert-like notes, with robust layers of caramel and brittle toffee unfolding as you delve deeper. A hint of tropical fruit notes is present, making it truly a one-of-a-kind flavor experience.

The Bottling Process

The bourbon follows the Bottled In Bond Act to the letter. It is heat cycled and aged for at least four years in a single season to ensure a uniformly matured, robust bourbon. It is then bottled at precisely 100 proof, a stipulation set by the Bottled In Bond Act, giving it intense flavor concentration and a distinct boldness.

Concluding Thoughts

Old Forester’s Bottled In Bond Bourbon is a welcome and exciting addition to the the brand’s innovative 117 series. It encapsulates not only the spirits of the Old Forester brand but also the rich history that goes into every bottle of bourbon. For those who want a bourbon with a rich, intricate flavor profile and historical pedigree, you cannot wrong with this latest offering from Old Forester.

Eagerly Awaiting What’s Next

Given the success and popularity this innovation has brought to the bourbon market, it is exciting to think about what the Old Forester team will come up with next. If their Bottled In Bond Bourbon is anything to go by, it will be something to remember. So, until then, keep your crystal glasses ready, bourbon lovers!

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  1. As a bourbon enthusiast, I was thrilled to add Old Forester’s Bottled In Bond Bourbon to my collection. The 117 Series is known for its exceptional quality, and this edition certainly lives up to the hype. The smoothness and unique flavor profile make it a standout among traditional American whiskeys. Each sip transports me to the beautiful state of Kentucky, where bourbon is truly an art form. If you’re a connoisseur or simply love a good bourbon, I highly recommend giving this one a try – it’s a true gem that will leave you craving more. Cheers to enjoying the exquisite taste of Old Forester’s Bottled In Bond Bourbon!

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