Unwavering Persistence Pays Off for Michter’s Bourbon – Chuck Cowdery

Unwavering Persistence Pays Off for Michter’s Bourbon – Chuck Cowdery

The Journey of Michter’s

The Early Days

Michter’s Distillery is a name that stirred excitement and admiration among whiskey lovers for decades. The Michter’s brand had been around since the mid-1700s but had a turbulent history. Having changed hands several times, it ultimately went out of business in 1990.

The revival of Michter’s began when Joseph Magliocco and Dick Newman teamed up and decided to bring it back to life in 1997. They bought the brand and started searching for a distillery to produce Michter’s whiskey. However, they found no suitable distillery available. So, they decided to build a new one, which they did in Louisville, Kentucky. It was an expensive endeavor, but they had a vision.

Initial Challenges

When Michter’s started producing whiskey again in 2006, things didn’t go as planned. Their whiskey was not ready for sale until 2012, much later than they had hoped for.

One reason for this was their strict adherence to quality over quantity. They insisted on using top-grade barrels, which cost a lot more than ordinary barrels. They also followed a traditional aging process, which was time-consuming.

The wait was worth it. Michter’s Whiskey received rave reviews from whiskey enthusiasts and critics alike. The brand became known for producing premium quality whiskey that tasted fantastic.

Changing and Adapting

Efforts to refine Michter’s whiskey continued, with the company using its own unique methods to improve aging and maturation. Michter’s also broadened its offerings with a line of excellent rye whiskey. In time, Michter’s also started aging their whiskey in barrels made of cooperage-grade wood. The cooperis used their fine-grained wood, while other distilleries used the cheaper wood.

In 2019, Michter’s took the whiskey world by storm when they released their 20-year bourbon. For many fans of this brand, it was the best bourbon they had ever tasted.

The Takeaway

Michter’s Journey is a story of perseverance, determination, and innovation. The brand refused to compromise its values, instead of choosing to prioritize excellence in every step of the production process. The ability to change their methods and adapt the latest technologies is a hallmark of Michter’s and is what keeps them ahead of the curve.

The distillery’s unwavering persistence in the pursuit of producing the best whiskey out there makes it an excellent example of what can happen when you focus on quality and never compromise on it.

In conclusion, Michter’s offers excellent whiskey to enthusiasts who appreciate the full-bodied flavor of a historic and premium brand. They have come a long way and have learnt from past failures, and their persistence has paid dividends.


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  1. I am definitely a believer in perseverance, and Chuck Cowdery’s story is a testament to its power. His unwavering dedication to his craft and his persistence in pursuing excellence with Michter’s Bourbon have certainly paid off. It’s inspiring to see how perseverance can lead to amazing results. I’ll definitely be checking out more about Michter’s Bourbon and learning from Cowdery’s journey.

  2. Chuck Cowdery’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance. His journey with Michter’s Bourbon demonstrates that unwavering dedication and persistence can yield extraordinary achievements. Cowdery’s success serves as an inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve greatness. It’s a reminder that with hard work and perseverance, amazing results are within reach.

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